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Industries of Expertise

Regulations are ever-changing. That is why it’s important to partner with a label printer with extensive experience & a track record of accomplishment that will ensure your label is as reliable as the item it is attaching to. Here are just a few of our industry specializations:

We create labels that are informative, bold, & compliant. We have extensive experience solving current labeling challenges associated with printing medical & biotech labels including: sizing, legibility, durability & ever-increasing regulatory requirements. 

We produce labels that grab the attention of the consumer through innovative design. From elegant, luxury labels to removable, seasonal labels. We can also create custom cards, wrappers, & other materials to distinguish your brand & help your product ‘fly’ off the shelves. 

As one of the few suppliers with numerous UL & CSA approved label constructions, we offer customers various options & fast turnaround for authorized labels that have passed the necessary testing performed by both Underwriters Laboratories & the Canadian Standards Associations.

Many applications in the automotive industry require durable labels to withstand harsh environments.  From black and white to full color, you have labels designed for informational, instructional, warning, brand recognition and so much more.

Pharmaceutical &

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Our Laser-Focused, Process

Our customer service team, are trained experts with a passion for the labeling industry. We listen to your business needs, think about your strategic position and offer multiple solutions to move your brand and your business forward. If you have questions about the initial process of ordering labels, a new project, artwork or what type of materials (paper, film, tag, ect.) to use for your application, we are here to assist.

1. Engineering & Specification

Our in-house team will assess your goals, brand, & the application to ensure any design concepts meet your expectations, & our standards. This includes exact color-matching, precise measurements, mockups & approval from the customers every step of the way. 

2. Research & Development

Often brands come to us with only a product & logo. They rely on us to research the type of labels that best fit the product’s life-cycle, what information is most important to the end-user, as well as any safety or regulatory requirements. Once complete, we design the label to fit both the brand’s specifications in Step 1, as well as the conclusions from our extensive research.

3. Durability, Safety, & Regulatory Testing

We offer durability testing to ensure your label will stand up to the environments it will likely encounter pre & post sale to the consumer.  We also leverage our relationships & track-record for applications that require safety & regulatory testing. Brands that choose us can have peace of mind that we anticipate potential liabilities & will consult them with their application or industry’s best-practices.

4. Review & Customer Approval

We will not move forward until approved, by the customer. Once approved all new designs & fabrication set-ups go through a final in-house review to ensure all colors, measurements, label requirements meet our intensive standards. Now the label is ready to hit the press. 

5. Industrial Printing

We service startups, Fortune 500 companies, & everything in-between with our wide-range of printers, technologies, & applications that can easily scale with demand. We offer single-run, scheduled, and on-demand printing with quick turnaround times. 

6. Supply Chain Delivery

Customers determine what happens at this step depending on their ever-changing needs & industry landscape. We offer overall supply-chain assistance including global distribution, inventory management, and on-demand or scheduled deliveries. 

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